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We just landed the Trezor Suck domain

We finally grabbed and we are looking forward to listing it as soon as possible. This one is a special suck site for us as we have been let down many times with Trezor and have had near zero replies with support. We welcome Trezor to the suck family and hope you receive what…

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Coinbase now sucked

We welcome Coinbase to our list of suck sites and with Coinbase, we had to do something a little different as we purchased a “hyphen” domain, which is not our style, but those sneaky little bastards got in early and grabbed it. Never mind, we have good SEO and a lot of our linking strategy…

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Bitcoinmagazine now has its own suck site

Suckmysite is proud to announce a new addition to our lineup and as per other domains, will have the full SEO treatment ready to be empowered on that domain. Once listed, it will be priced at 1 Bitcoin and will increase as Search Engine ranking increases. We hope you will welcome Bitcoinmagazinesucks into your sites…

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