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They are all FREE, we just charge for the Transfer

All domains are/will be SEO'd (Rich Snippets etc)
The higher they start to Rank - the bigger the Transfer Fee
Great domains to own and do "things" with



What good is a SUCK site?

Suck sites if properly used can rank very well alongside their non-suck counterparts and can be used as a platform to discuss the other side of the business. Which is good for the community and more so if the business that owns it can control the discussions, that may improve its own reputation

For a business, its not so good

For years PayPal has been battling PayPalSucks with cease and desist orders, legal battles and other not so nice tactics, yet they have failed at every turn


After Paypal wasted millions in court, only to loose, they then went ahead and spent millions in SEO to keep PayPalSucks as low down the Google Search ladder as possible and the minute PayPal stops their SEO for this particular issue, PayPalSucks will start rising, due to the nature of what it is.

Sometimes its not worth fighting and most certainly, is not worth ignoring!

Domains Transferred

Domains that have been transferred so far have been immediately removed and have had their  SEO stopped and handover of the Domain name has been initiated and completed to the clients full satisfaction.

Domains Transferred
Happy Customers

As soon as its in your Shopping Cart - your 50% there

We setup a shopping cart so if you want any of the domains that are listed, the minute you "checkout" the domain is then sold and nobody else can grab it for free as it is yours on successful payment of the Transfer Fee.

This way, we can begin immediate preperation to transfer the domain to you and we can also remove the product from our listings!

Its as simple as 1 - 2 - 3

  1. Choose the domain you wish transferred into your ownership
  2. "Add to Cart" the Domain and pay with Bitcoin for the transfer fee
  3. Wait for a confirmation email, requesting you take over ownership

Thats reallly it!



Too make sure the process is very quick, we request that the Domain Transfer is sent to your Godaddy Account, otherwise, there will be delays as per the Godaddy Terms of Transferring domains to outside Domain Registrars (can take up to 60 days)

So we suggest you use Godaddy and if you dont have an account with them, its very easy to setup and its free 🙂

We just landed the Trezor Suck domain

September 11, 2017

We finally grabbed and we are looking forward to listing it as soon as possible. This one is a special suck site for us as we have been let down many times with Trezor and have had near zero replies with support. We welcome Trezor to the suck family and hope you receive what…

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Coinbase now sucked

September 11, 2017

We welcome Coinbase to our list of suck sites and with Coinbase, we had to do something a little different as we purchased a “hyphen” domain, which is not our style, but those sneaky little bastards got in early and grabbed it. Never mind, we have good SEO and a lot of our linking strategy…

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Bitcoinmagazine now has its own suck site

September 11, 2017

Suckmysite is proud to announce a new addition to our lineup and as per other domains, will have the full SEO treatment ready to be empowered on that domain. Once listed, it will be priced at 1 Bitcoin and will increase as Search Engine ranking increases. We hope you will welcome Bitcoinmagazinesucks into your sites…

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Some of the SUCKS sites we have on offer